Phone number: +98 21 8245 2300

This unit is structured in accordance with the latest global standards, and the sterile air supply devices and natural light has provided a suitable environment for patients.

ICU is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and central monitoring and is ready to admit the critically ill patients and provide 24-hour services to them. The experienced and compassionate personnel of this unit regularly receive the necessary training in intra-hospital, extra-hospital, or public conferences.

Patients are admitted with coordination of the unit’s official (shift doctor) through the emergency department or through referral by doctors or from other wards of the hospital. A very prominent feature of this unit is the permanent presence of a specialist who is responsible for supervising the health and care of patients admitted to ICU, addressing the conditions of critically ill patients in other wards, and making decisions about their transfer to ICU.

Special features of ICU

·      Eleven active beds equipped with the most up-to-date equipment, for complicated patients with internal and surgical problems

·      Ability to separate the beds

·      Two standard isolation rooms for special patients

·      Nursing personnel commensurate with the highest standard available

·      Continuous in-ward education programs for nurses and staff

·      Halls for remote visiting of patients

·      A 24-hour resident doctor

Specialty Services:

·      Monitoring high-risk patients after major surgeries

·      Caring for critically ill patients with internal problems requiring respiratory support and careful monitoring of vital signs

·      Monitoring patient alertness

·      Monitoring the hemodynamic and electrolyte status, airways, and vital organs of patients.


·      Intensive respiratory care

·      Intensive renal care

·      Intensive internal and surgical care (in gastrointestinal, endocrine, orthopedics, neurology, cancer crisis)

·      Intensive neurological care in cerebrovascular accidents

·      Intensive neurosurgical and spinal care

·      Intensive care for accidents and injuries

·      Intensive care for drug and chemical poisoning

·      Intensive postoperative care for high-risk patients

·      Intensive care in multi-organ failure

·      Intensive care in burning

·      Intensive care for liver failure

·      Performing alternative renal function treatments such as hemodialysis and CRRT

·      Training of patients and relatives about care at home

Location: Third floor

Visit hours:

Administrative days from 15 pm to 16 pm

Sundays from 10 am to 11 am and from 15 pm to 16 pm

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