Phone number: +98 21 8245 2103

The emergency department of Mehr Hospital with 6 active beds, 1 isolation bed, CPR room, 1 sterile operating room, and 1 casting room is ready to serve respectable guests.

All emergency beds are equipped with separate systems of monitoring, oxygenation, and central suction. The CPR room is equipped with all devices of resuscitation including adult trolley, children and infant trolley, monitoring system, oxygenation, suction, and central and portable ventilators.

Services provided at this center include:

·      Patients are visited round-the-clock by expert emergency physicians throughout the week.

·      Visits by cardiologists and pediatricians are done round-the-clock.

·      If a patient should be admitted to the wards, the relevant specialist is contacted and the relevant measures are taken.

·      Outpatient surgeries are performed by an emergency doctor and, if necessary, by a surgeon in the operating room.

·      Blood transfusion is performed throughout the day in the emergency department.

Injection, dressing, and stitching services are approved by an emergency doctor and performed round-the-clock.

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