Managing Director’s Message

Managing Director’s Message

In the name of God, whose name and memory are the medicine and the remedy for patients.


We are very proud that you have selected Mehr Hospital, the first subspecialized private hospital in Iran, for following the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. We pay special respect to all clients and will assure you that we will do our best to improve your health and safety. Providing quality and safe services for you is the main policy of the hospital.


In times of persecution and unkindness, with the authority of the veterans in the field of knowledge and humanity in "Mehr Hospital" and relying on the trust and efforts of the large family of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, we will continue to strive for specialized medical services And to provide the subspecialty in a safe and relaxing bed for the suffering and needy fellow human beings.



Naturally, every progress has been made so far and will continue, it is the product of empathy, compassion, and compassionate support of each of the hospital staff, and the pride of the managers of this complex will be due to the continuation of this support.


I wish complete physical and spiritual health for you


Dr. Mohsen Ayati, Managing Director of Mehr Hospital

دی ان ان