Phone number: +98 21 8245 2622

Using the knowledge of experienced physicians and nurses employing advanced equipment, this unit provides medical and nursing services for cardiac and CCU-requiring postoperative patients at the highest quality all day and night. This unit has 13 active beds, each of which is equipped with ECG monitoring, pulse oximeter, temperature and blood pressure control, and central oxygen and suction. The nursing station is equipped with central monitoring.

Medical and nursing care at preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitation levels are effectively provided according to the latest scientific findings and standards. Meanwhile, the resident and on-call cardiologists meet patients’ diagnostic and therapeutic needs round-the-clock.

In addition to therapeutic and caring affairs, training is also of particular importance in CCU1. Inpatients and their companions are trained in the field of cardiac care in a simple way. Trainings include drug consumption, activity, diet, and surgery site care. A home training brochure is provided at discharge, and if a nurse and equipment are required, the patient can attend at the nursing office and be informed in this regard.

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