Phone number: +98 21 8245 2419

NICU is next to the Maternity Block and the Women’s Surgery Ward. The unit has well-trained, experienced employees, and is ready to admit premature infants or critically ill neonates with respiratory problems or newborns requiring care in the hospital (with different causes) up to one month after birth.

If necessary, babies born in this center will be transferred to the NICU in an incubator equipped with pulse oximeter and oxygen, and all necessary measures will be taken promptly by a specialist.

NICU pediatricians and nurses are present in this unit throughout the day.

The unit is directly supervised by a neonatologist.

With 160 m2 surface area, NICU has a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

The unit is equipped with the state-of-the-art medical and therapeutic equipment, including the most advanced ventilators, monitoring systems, simple and invasive phototherapy, a drug nebulizer, a ventilator nebulizer, surfactant, and Curosurf.

To prevent common infections in newborns, all devices and connections are consumable.

It is worth mentioning that a neonatologist is present in the delivery room and operating room in all high-risk pregnancies.

For the convenience of parents, a 24-hour mother’s room with all amenities and hospitality facilities exists in the vicinity of NICU.

Location: Fourth floor

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