Health Tourism Introduction

Health Tourism Introduction

Significant advances of Iran in medical science and the presence of natural resources such as mineral warm spas, natural green areas, and religious places as the tourism hubs, have attracted many tourists annually for treatment and tourism.

Mehr Private Hospital has been awarded official licenses and international certificates for compliance with international medical standards. Therefore, you can safely visit the hospital for medical and surgical services and, in addition to enjoying the beauty and attractions of Tehran, complete your treatment plan. The examination, diagnosis, and treatment process along with pleasant residence of patients and their companions in VIP rooms is easy to reach; just contact the International Patient Department expert (IPD).

The hospital’s IPD expert will answer all your questions and will provide you with the necessary information. At this point, you will be asked to provide your medical records to the IPD expert. You can send them through Telegram or WhatsApp to the IPD expert cell phone. The IPD expert will provide them to the specialists in the relevant area and will notify you the treatment process, the length of stay, and the estimated costs after comprehensive evaluations.

If you wish, an appointment will be scheduled for you and a detailed timetable will be provided. Check your conditions on the relevant dates according to the timetable and consider the necessary arrangements for your travel. Get your visa and book your ticket and don’t worry about your place of residence, as Mehr Hospital has VIP rooms for you and your companions. In addition, there are suitable hotels and accommodations near the hospital, which can be booked.

When attending at the hospital on the scheduled date, an IPD expert will assist you to fill a case to expedite the process of summarizing, collecting, and recording your personal and medical records in hospital information systems. Then you and your companions will be instructed to the VIP room assigned for you to rest awhile and be prepared for medical examinations. Ask an IPD expert for food, clothing, or special equipment, and the IPD authority will help you feel comfortable while you are in the hospital.

Examinations and tests will be performed after you announce your readiness. The results of the tests help determine the treatment process more precisely. Mehr Hospital always strives to expedite the procurement of health services meeting your timeframe without impairing the quality of services.

The waiting time for medical services is very short for international patients, given the use of an exclusive space for them in accordance with international standards and the presence of committed surgeons and specialists in Mehr Hospital.

To facilitate communication between these patients and their companions, specially-designed dresses are provided for them after hospitalization. Hence, staff, nurses, and translators can help them. In addition, English, Arabic, and Turkish translators are permanently in the hospital to be with you and your companions as needed.

After completing the treatment and the recovery period, your final examinations are performed and. If necessary, a comprehensive schedule will be given to you for future visits.

Doctors, occupational therapists, and nurses present in this department will provide the necessary therapies to expedite your recovery. Thus, after returning to your country, you will be able to follow your treatment plan.

After completing the treatment process, the costs will be calculated by the IPD Finance Department, and the bill will be delivered to you.

If you need a reliable taxi with a fluent English driver to return to the airport, the hospital will do the necessary coordination.

IPD Team

 Director: Dr. Fereydoun Moazzami

Physicians: Dr. Reza Ebrahiminia, Dr. Omid Ghobadi, Dr. Majid Salamati, Dr.Ali Derakhshan

IPD Expert: Dr. Svitlana Kharitonchuk

IPD Nurse: Mrs.Haleh Khalili

IPD Secretary: Mrs.Kosar Geravand



 Contact Numbers:02182452000 - 02182452216

  Mobile: 09912011406

 Instagram : Mehr_Hospital_Tehran

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