Clinical Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory

Phone number: +98 21 8245 2000

Location: First floor

The clinical laboratory of Mehr Hospital started its activities in 1946 and tried to achieve the following goals according to a predetermined and systematic program:

• Improving the quality of laboratory services

• Expanding the tests

• Increasing customer satisfaction

In this regard, the following items have been observed:

• Using the latest and most advanced devices for testing

• Using the best-quality kits and consumables

• Using experienced, task-oriented, and academic staff

• Speed and accuracy of the tests

• Response to the routine, specialized, and subspecialized needs of physicians

In the biochemistry unit, modern and advanced auto-analyzers perform the tests with maximum accuracy and speed. The hormone unit is equipped with Vidas, Elecsys, and nephelometry devices, and all tests are conducted round-the-clock. In the hematology unit, advanced Sysmex cell counters are used with high diagnostic capabilities. The coagulation unit is equipped with a full automatic Stago device with the ability to measure coagulation factors. The blood bank is also equipped with the most advanced blood gas devices, and the blood bank officials are in charge of supporting the operating rooms and the open-heart operating room. Benefiting from their professional knowledge, advanced pieces of equipment such as the BacT/Alert blood culture device, and high quality materials, the experienced personnel of the microbiology unit are working not only to perform the routine microbiological tests, but also to isolate and identify some human pathogens through highly-specialized methods, that are nowadays difficult to be diagnosed in most labs across Iran, helping physicians on correct, timely, and effective diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Our goal in this laboratory is to improve the quality of laboratory services in order to enhance the quality of diagnosis, control, and treatment of diseases. To this end, the most advanced technologies in the world are used by experienced staff in order to provide services for the respected patients.

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