History and Features


Establishment of Mehr Hospital in 1946

As the first private hospital of Iran, Mehr Hospital was established in 1946 on Amirieh Street in Tehran with the efforts of the late Dr. Mohammad Ali Sadr and some of his friends, all of whom were well-known physicians. The hospital was transferred to the current location on Zartosht Street in 1962. Mehr Hospital is one of the oldest, largest, most equipped, and well-known private hospitals in Iran and the Middle East.


Mehr Hospital Ranking

As a first-class hospital in terms of ranking and accreditation, Mehr Hospital, with about 300 beds in various specialized and subspecialized wards and equipped paraclinical groups, serves the honorable people of Iran. 

Mehr Hospital Clinics

Mehr Hospital has the largest specialized and subspecialized clinical complex amongst the private hospitals of Iran. This therapeutic complex is operational every day of the week from morning until afternoon, and specialists and subspecialists in all disciplines and prominent professors of universities are present and ready to welcome visitors.


Mehr Hospital Imaging Center

The Imaging Center of Mehr Hospital is equipped with X-Ray, color and Duplex ultrasound, 64-slice CT scan, and MRI. It is operational round-the-clock. Ultrasound- and CT scan-guided interventional procedures are performed at this center. 

Education and Research in Mehr Hospital

Mehr Hospital operates in education and research. Physicians and faculty members of universities use the facilities of this hospital for education and research. In addition to weekly conferences for doctors and nurses and training courses for improving management quality, the hospital also holds retraining courses in various disciplines and different fields and hence contributes to continuous medical education. The conference hall, library, and Internet center of the hospital are in the service of physicians and active staff for training and upgrading knowledge and information.

It is a pleasure that, after more than seventy years since its establishment, Mehr Hospital is now one of the most renowned and respected private hospitals in Iran and a leading provider of medical services. Over one hundred and fifty specialists, many of whom are professors in Iranian reputable universities, are treating patients with the utmost compassion and commitment.

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