Genetics Laboratory

Genetics Laboratory

Phone number: +98 21 8245 2000

Location: First floor

Mehr Hospital is one of the few hospitals equipped with the genetics laboratory. The laboratory is located on the ground floor of the hospital and is dealt with genetic factors and diseases that are genetically transmitted to the fetus as well as the causes of genetic disorders. The services provided by this unit are:

·      Clinical genetics and genetic counseling

·      Identifying the causes of infertility and frequent abortions

·      Cytogenetic lab

·      Molecular genetics lab

·      Metabolic unit

·      Prenatal diagnosis

·      Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) lab

·      Pharmacogenetics

·      Genetics counseling before marriage, before pregnancy, and during pregnancy

·      Genetic counseling, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of metabolic diseases and neuromuscular diseases

·      Genetic and diagnostic counseling for various types of mental retardation and skeletal disorders

·      Prenatal genetic and diagnostic counseling

·      Prenatal genetic diagnosis

·      Postnatal genetic diagnosis

·      Prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities through amniocentesis

·      Prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities using maternal blood (NIPT)

·      Preconception and preimplantation genetic diagnosis

·      Preimplantation gender determination

·      Neonatal metabolic screening

·      Genetic study of causes of familial cancers

·      Genetic study of causes of unknown diseases (NGS)

·      Gender determination of the fetus in the eighth week using the mother’s blood

Paternity testing

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