سی تی اسکن 64 اسلایس

64-slice CT scan

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CT scan or computed tomography shows multiple cross-sections of the body using x-rays, with a much more accurate resolution than a simple radiography (so that many body tissues can be visualized).

Difference between 64-slice CT scan and other CT scans

64-slice CT scan is a more advanced generation of CT scan, more accurate, faster, and with fewer side effects.

64-slice CT scan produces high quality images with lower irradiation and higher speed (less harm and fewer effects).

While providing sections with 2 mm spacing of the target organ in a short time, 64-slice CT scan makes it possible to understand the details of the study area (regardless of the organ movement) and to prepare images from all aspects of the organ. The device has provided physicians with a noninvasive diagnosis of atherosclerosis such as coronary artery disease; because before this device, coronary artery disease has been diagnosed through angiography. However, cardiac diseases can be diagnosed through multi-slice CT scan in a shorter time without side effects. Doctors can reach a diagnosis in a few minutes with this device. It helps specialists to quickly recognize blood clot in the coronary artery obstructions and prevent its acute complications (for example, in patients admitted to CCU). In addition, experts can examine the health of transplanted veins and cardiovascular system with stent. Saving time and money is another advantage of the multi-slice scan.

Applications of 64-slice CT scan:

1. CT angiography (heart, coronary, aortic, femoral, abdominal, lower extremity, and pulmonary arteries)

2. Lung CT scan

3. Abdominal CT scan

4. CT endoscopy

5. Three-dimensional reconstruction of bone structures

6. CT myelography and CT scan cysternography

7. Dynamic CT scan

Indications and contraindications:

1. Patients with renal problems and high blood creatinine should inform the treating physician and the technician in cases of injection.

2. Patients who take metformin should discontinue the drug 24 hours before injection.

3. Patients who are allergic to drugs should inform the technician.

4. Isotope scanning should not be performed 48 hours prior to CT scan.

5. In cases of abdominal and pelvic CT scan with injection, no radiography of the digestive system using barium sulfate should be done two weeks before CT scan.

6. Multi-slice CT scan is forbidden for pregnant women, but it’s not a problem at breastfeeding.

7. The drug is excreted from the body with fluid intake within 4 to 8 hours, depending on many factors (such as weight, age, activity). Lactating mothers should discard two lactations and postpone breastfeeding.

Indications: There are generally no known complications for this device, and all of the following patients can use this device for diagnosis.

1. Patients with cardiac chest pain

2. People with a history of stenting

3. People with a history of cardiac surgery

4. Congenital heart disease

5. High-risk groups for cardiovascular disease

6. Patients admitted to CCU

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