Establishment of Mehr hospital in 1986

Mehr hospital has been established and launched in 1946 by the efforts of Mohammad Ali Sadr and his friends, all of whom were famous professors and physicians and began its opration in Amiriye Street of Tehran. However, later on it was moved to Zartosht Street, its current location, in order to meet the needs of hospital in 1962. During the past years, the hospital has been always expanding and today it is one of the oldest, largest, most equipped and well-known private hospitals in the country. Mehr hospital has more than 6 wards, each ward including double and private rooms equipped with the latest welfare facilities.

The facilities of international patients

  • Patient admission without an appointment
  • Translators fluent in 3 languages: English, Arabic and Turkish
  • Free internet
  • Having the permission for two or three accompaniments
  • Parking
  • Bible and Qur'an
  • Providing a typed summary of patient's profile during discharge in English language
  • Having the right of selection and replacement of medical practitioner
  • Having the right to have information about treatment procedures
  • Maintenance of privacy right

Mehr hospital is ranked in the first-class hospital group with 300 beds in various specialized, super specialty and paraclinical groups sections offering services to great people of Iran.

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Mehr Private hospital, West Zartosht St., Valiasr St. Tehran
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